Fair Go Australia Pledge

This petition, an initiative of the United Nations Association of Australia was launched back in September and will be announced in Canberra at the Press Club as part of Human Rights Day events in December 2001.

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Human Rights Survey - Election 2001.

The NSW Human Rights Education Committee has asked Federal Cabinet Ministers,
Opposition spokespeople and selected candidates in the forthcoming election to
comment on key topical human rights issues. The survey consists of five open-ended
questions designed to encourage creative responses to the issues raised.

In selecting the candidates, the committee has aimed to provide voters with an
understanding of how a broad range of candidates in the forthcoming federal
election view government responsibility for promoting human rights and how they
themselves would work to guarantee human rights for all people.

Click on the link below for a list of the candidates the survey was sent to.

Candidates' list

1. How would you work to promote freedom from discrimination?

2. What are your views about a Bill of Rights?

3. In what ways would you engage with issues of concern to indigenous

4. How do you think Government could improve procedures for responding
to asylum seekers?

5. What is Australia's role in achieving a balance between the global
economy, the environment and the social good?

To read the candidates' responses to the human rights survey, please click on the links below:

Australian Democrats

Australian Greens


One Nation



To read NSWHREC media release for election 2001, please click on the link below:

Media Release for Election 2001