Election 2001

Response of One Nation to NSW Human Rights Education Committee's survey:

(the response below was provided by Graeme Campbell, One Nation)

1. How would you work to promote freedom from discrimination?

Racial discrimination cuts both ways, and most of it occurs with out people knowing. The reason there is so much discrimination, is because the concept of multi-culturalism pays people to maintain their own culture. This is very dividing and causes resentment amongst all citizens. I support an abandonment of multi-culturalism and the reintroduction of the policy of assimilation. This would dramatically reduce discrimination as the difference in cultures would be reduced. It would also according to Darwin's theory of evolution allow only the good parts from each culture to survive.
I also support a discriminatory immigration policy for the same reason as outlined above.

2. What are your views about a Bill of Rights?

There are some rights that I hold to be self evident, however putting them in a Bill of rights is no guarantee that they would remain. Our constitution was a very good document however it has been circumvented and over ridden in so many ways that it barely serves the purpose it was created for. I am sure our founding fathers are turning in their graves. I support instead the concept of Citizens Initiated Referenda which would allow the voters a direct say on issues they felt were important to the future of Australia. The best thing that the civil liberty groups could do is pursue the introduction of CIRRI as it represents the most democratic form of self government.

3. In what ways would you engage with issues of concern to indigenous

The same as any other Australian on a case by case basis. Providing the same opportunities for Aboriginals as for white children is an absolute priority. This must be done without any politics getting in the way, so I support the abandonment of ATSIC which is a bureaucratic black hole. I feel that there should be some positive discrimination programs however I cannot go into any detail in this forum.

4. How do you think Government could improve procedures for responding
to asylum seekers?

We should not and must not let any more refugees land in Australia. We should turn Christmas Island into a detention centre and make sure that any illegal refugees coming towards Australian waters are made to turn around and forced back to the port from where they came. Once they are close, the fuel on board should be taken so that they have only enough to return to port. We have a duty to Australian citizens before all others and if we are seen as a soft touch then we will have tens of thousand of boat people coming and we will not be able to cope.

5. What is Australia's role in achieving a balance between the global
economy, the environment and the social good?

The best thing Australia could do for all these issue is to be more Nationalistic. While we should participate vigorously in international debate, we should not sign conventions that will take Australian sovereignty away. We should introduce Citizens Initiated Referenda which would give our citizens a tangible say in the democratic process. Australian citizens have lost their way, and society is very divided. We must steer away from multiculturalism and revert back to a concept of integration. This will go along way to reversing our social problems. Our environmental problems are huge and are being ignored particularly by the Greens. We need to tackle salinity as a matter of priority. Again this forum is not the place to go into detail however I will say that along as we have a united and strong nation which encourages a belief in its people, then we will be able to tackle all issues in a enlightened manner. ONE NATION is the only party supporting the concept of Citizens Initiated Referenda.

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